Teeth Whitening Methods – Whitening Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry Bonding

Tooth care has always been a massive industry, a beautiful smile is a naturally endearing feature and people will pay good money to have a nice bright white set of teeth. Orthodontists have long been helping us with the shape of our smile. They use braces to help guide the teeth into an attractive formation, because when left to their own devices some people’s teeth can grow over the top of each other, at angles or with large gaps. While these problems are generally not a health issue, they are unsightly and in this day and age, our appearance matters.

Over the past few decades tooth care has moved up a gear, and now not only can we shape and move our teeth to improve our smile, but we can also tackle the second most unwanted feature, discoloration and stained teeth. Teeth Whitening as the industry is known, is increasingly affordable, and different methods to achieve a brilliant white smile have been developed, each with their pros and cons. Some are single treatments, some are courses of treatments that last weeks or months and involve continued home care afterward too.

Two of the less time consuming methods of improving your smile are whitening veneers and cosmetic dentistry bonding. Veneers come in two types. Porcelain veneers (the most common) and direct (also known as composite) veneers. Veneers are small strips of either porcelain or plastic (direct/composite veneers) that literally cover your teeth to cover and conceal any stains or discoloration. These are ideal for people with severe staining when bleaching will be ineffective. Veneers do not last forever and will need replacing in time, porcelain last longer which is why they are most common, as they last 10 to 15 years. Porcelain veneers will take a few trips to your dentist, as they will need to be molded to your teeth individually. Direct or composite veneers, being made of plastic can be made and applied by your dentist in a single visit. These veneers are cheaper but do not last as long, about 5 -7 years.

The other alternative, cosmetic dentistry bonding is a different way to improve the color of your teeth, but it also used when you want to reshape your teeth and fill gaps. Bonding is a composite resin which is injected onto and into the teeth, the advantage of bonding in this way is that it looks very natural when filing gaps between teeth, however the downside it that if you are a smoker the nicotine will quickly discolor the resin.

Top Beauty Products and Cosmetics

Cosmetics or most popularly known as beauty products is used to enhance the appearance of the human body. The use of cosmetics can be traced back to the time of the Egyptians, around 3500BC. They were the first people to use beauty products to enhance and give detail to every part of their face. During this time, people who enhance their look by using beauty products are considered royal blood. However, due to lack of clinical and scientific studies the beauty products often used during this era contains poisonous mercury and lead which sometimes causes death to the user.

Today, its widely used by men and women. Also, the scope of these products has also widened as it not only enhances the look but prevents and cures any skin disorders as well. There are a variety of beauty products known today. However, even if some of the products are formulated for men majority of the users are women.

Known beauty products are as follows:

For enhancing the color, shape and outlook of our lips – lipstick, lip gloss, lip plumper, lip balm and lip booster are known and available.

For our face and facial skin – Anti aging cream, foundation, and make up.

For our eyes and the skin around the eyes – Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, anti eye wrinkle cream and eyebrow pencils.

There are also ones which are considered eco friendly. All ingredients added to this product are natural. Also, it shows that these are not tested on animals and are hypoallergenic.

Top beauty products are based on the kind of ingredients it contains. Even there is an assurance from skin care companies that it has been tested and guarantees that it is safe to be used there are still plenty of products coming out that are composed of non synthetic ingredients. Usually, those that are made from natural ingredients are the ones that are on the top lists today. Also, many users prefer to use those that are from natural ingredients because it assures good results and may not add more damage to the skin than chemically composed products. Beauty products usually have ingredients such as Argan Oil, Acai, Goji Berries, Blueberry and many more. In skin care, the common ingredients are CoQ10, Cynergy TK, Green Tea and other natural ingredients.

Beauty products are a great help for us today. However, never jump into purchasing one without consulting professionals or experts in order to learn if the ingredients included are suitable for the skin.

Celebrities and Cosmetic Surgery to Consider

Celebrities and cosmetic surgery are on many people’s minds today. Did they have work done? Who may have had a certain procedure? It is very difficult to tell most times. There may be many perfect examples of cosmetic surgery that no one knows about. With some celebrities, it may be obvious. However, most celebrities will not reveal that information. Here are some cosmetic surgeries and famous people involved.

Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty is often called a nose job. When done properly, it can make a big difference in facial appearance. The results can be dramatic. It is also done for medical reasons. Improved breathing is a good example. Britney Spears recently had a rhinoplasty procedure. Her nose is a little smaller now. The shape of it has not changed. Public opinion is favorable on her decision.

Breast surgery

Breast Augmentation surgery is commonly done today. When Pamela Anderson’s breasts enlarged, she became a famous centerfold model. Most breast implants are not as dramatic today. The quality of the surgery makes it almost impossible to tell at times. People wonder how breasts enlarge. However, there may be no way to be certain that is was from cosmetic surgery. In a few cases, they are made smaller. Dolly Parton had this done for back problems.

Facial implant surgery

When you wish to enhance a particular facial feature, you can use implants. They are also used for medical purposes like reconstructive surgery. It can help someone’s return to his or her previous lifestyle, after a terrible accident. Roseanne Barr’s cheek implants are an example of good facial implant surgery. However, she remains one of the few that will admit to such procedures.

Eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty may be done by itself. It may also be part of an entire face-lift. You may look years younger after an eyelid surgery. The upper or lower eyelids may be done. When you age, your eyelids get fatty deposits under them. The skin also loses flexibility. You may develop bags under your eyes. Your eyelids may droop. This can make you look tired as well as old. A good eye job can drastically improve your appearance. A good example is Jane Fonda.

Brow lift surgery

Your forehead skin can gradually move down your face. You may look very tired and weary. Forehead wrinkles are a sign of age. A brow lift will bring the skin back in place. The face will appear young and alert. Some people elect to have eyelid surgery with this procedure. You will not hear of many brow lift surgeries. One can only speculate, most times. Many people think that Debbie Harry’s recent procedure was a success.

In closing

Celebrities and cosmetic surgery continually makes headlines. How do they continue to look young? Did they have it done? We may never know about most famous people. They reason may be simple. The good work is hard to tell. Few people want to admit to surgery. Unfortunately, the cosmetic surgery horror stories make news frequently. This casts a shadow on all the good work that is being done. A few celebrities like Jane Fonda and Britney Spears will admit to it.